Born in Belgium, CLAUDE ROEGIERS began painting in California while persuing a career in fashion, which had a strong influence in his work.

After 15 years of Abstract Paintings, which often looked like painted fabrics with simple geometric forms, he started in 2011, to use images combined with a "warp and weft" effect to create his first Image Paintings.

Image Paintings uses past and present images, from various sources, and covers them with a "warp and weft" effect creating a distant universe pratically timeless.  This semi transparent "border"or "veil" makes us discovering the reality "on the other side".

This very personal technique allowed CLAUDE ROEGIERS to explore, in an allegoric way, a world of memories and feelings in order to reinvent and enlarge them.

The first series of Image Paintings was Traveling Still, followed by many others creating a travel into a very personal universe. 

The various series have been shown, with different galleries, at a large number of Art Fairs around the world:

- France: Paris, Metz, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence

- Belgium: Brussels

- Italy: Milano

- Switzerland: Basel, Geneva, Zurich

- Germany: Köln, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Berlin

- England: London

- USA: New York,  Miami, Palm Beach, Palm Springs, Houston

- Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore

CLAUDE ROEGIERS works in Paris and Miami.