The birth of the Recent Past series coincided with the opening of CLAUDE ROEGIERS' second studio in 2016 in Miami.  Unique to this series, all the photographs are in color and the work of the artist. 

The subjects matter of the images varies appearing almost ramdom in their selection.  The connection comes from the artist himself; the pleasure of sharing a moment that touched him.  

While the subject matter is varied, commonality can be found in the style of the photographs.  The identity of the people and the place are obscured giving the paintings a timeless quality.  The photographs capture a moment of life that could be anywhere at any time.


Similar to the prior series, thes "warp and weft" effect creates a distance between the subject of the painting and the viewer, increasing the effect of melancoly.  With Recent Past, CLAUDE ROEGIERS invites you to travel into his private world.